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Sell Your Lottery Ticket for Cash Now


This is Oscar. I am glad you won a lottery ticket prize. That is a big achievement. Very few people actually ever earn anything from the lottery.

This is what I can do for you: Pay you cash for your winning lottery ticket. It will be a fair deal.

Getting cashed out of your winning lottery ticket is easy. It takes around 30 minutes.

How Selling Lottery Tickets for Cash Works

Do you want to sell your lottery ticket? This is the process:

00 – DO NOT damage or alter the lottery ticket in any way. It may invalidate it!

00 – DO NOT put your name on the lottery ticket. It makes it not tradeable.

01 – Do some research about the taxes, lottery ticket payment time, etc. Learn more.

2 – Decide whether or not you are better off with a cashout.

3 – If you decide you are better off with a cashout call me

4 – Inform me of the amount of your lottery ticket winning, type of game, and lottery organization, such as “Oregon Lottery”, etc

5 – I will make you an offer based on the amount, and the facts above

6 – I you like the offer, make an appointment. Most likely we can do it the same day

7 – Come to the appointment with the unaltered lottery ticket and your ID

8 – I will inspect the ticket. If the lottery ticket is altered in any way, even if it is just damage, I may not accepted. Keep the lottery ticket looking like new if possible

9 – If your name, or any writing or any sort is on the lottery ticket, I will not do be able to do the transaction

10 – I will present first with a “Buyout and Relinquishment” contract. It presents the terms of the contract and how much I will pay you for the winning lottery ticket. It is simple. Basically, all you need to do is sign and date

11 – I will take a copy of your ID and of you. I need this for AML and other compliance issues. There is no transaction recording at any government level

12 – You hand me the winning lottery ticket

13 – I will pay you cash. Dollar bills in your hand

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