Did You Win a Lottery Ticket?

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You will have money now

I will take care of the taxes and the waiting

It will be a fair deal

Do You Want to Get Paid Now for Your Lottery Ticket?

This is How it Works

Congratulations. By far the hardest thing about lottery tickets is to be a winner. You are one of the few.

The thing now is to get the money. If you are not in a hurry, waiting three weeks is not an issue, and don’t mind getting paid with a check or a credit card, you are better off redeeming the ticket yourself. For sure you will get more money that way.

If you want cash now, I can help you. Call me. I will make you a fair, immediate cash offer, for your winning lottery ticket. There will be no waiting. You will get your payment in actual dollar bills. I will take care of the waiting and of the cash. Plus, the transaction will be private. Only you will know that you got the money.

Immediate Cash Payment for Winning Lottery Tickets

Nothing Beats Having Cash

Here are the benefits of cash

Fast Deal

I will pay you immediate cash.

If time is not an issue, speed does not matter. But, if you want to enjoy, or put to good use your lottery earnings, then the speed of payment does matter

As of now, most lottery payments take around three weeks. Sometimes less. Actually most often just short of three weeks.

I can get you money now.

No Taxes

The only sure things in life are death and taxes.

I will take care of the taxes.

Depending on your lottery winning face value, and your tax bracket, the state and federal taxes can be as high 35% total. Plus you need to report the taxes correctly in your return.

My offer will include me taking care of those pesky taxes. If you have cash, taxes are not an issue.

Private Transaction

The transaction is just between you and me.

One of the reasons many choose to sell their winning lottery ticket for cash is privacy. The reason is simple. If you have a check, you need to deposit it in a bank account. Now there is a record of the lottery winning. A good example of this is a person in the legal process of divorce. Once the lottery arrives to a bank account, most likely have the lottery money will have to be split with the ex.

A cash settlement of your winning lottery ticket will keep things private.

Fair Proposition

I make the proposition. You decide.

I will offer you a specific dollar figure. If it works for you, we do the transaction. It is all up to you.

Of course, I need to make a profit. But once you do the math, and consider the benefits of my proposition, you will see that my offer a very fair deal.

The benefits are the time value of money and convenience.

Time Value of Money: Actual money now is better than more money later.

Convenience: No taxes, no paperwork, no reporting, all private.