Who Pays Cash of Winning Lottery Tickets in Portland?

I Do!

Hi, This is Oscar Morante. I am the owner of Portland Lottery Ticket Buyer. Call me for an offer.

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Oscar Morante – Lottery Ticket Buyer

Why I Formed Portland Lottery Ticket Buyer

I am on of the few individuals in Portland who pays cash for winning lottery tickets in Portland.

I formed Lottery Ticket Buyer to fulfill the needs of those lucky individuals who won lottery ticket prizes and want immediate cash payment with no hustles. I am pretty well funded and can buy most dollar values of winning lottery tickets. I make the offers quickly and usually close the transaction the same day. You will be dealing with me directly. All the transactions are at my business office in downtown Portland.

The Importance of Trust when Selling a Lottery Ticket

I am glad you want to get to know me. After all, if we do business, we will have to trust each other. I rather you call me already confident about me personally and about the conditions of the lottery ticket transaction.

When you are selling a lottery ticket for cash, you need to trust that the lottery ticket buyer actually has cash, and that the lottery ticket buyer can do the transaction in a timely manner, which usually means the same day. If not, why even deal with that person.

In addition, consider that a winning lottery ticket is a “bearer’s instrument”. Whoever has it, owns it. Basically, it is the same as cash until you put your name in it. Thus, you may want to know a little bit about the person offering to buy your lottery ticket. The last thing you want is to find yourself with a dishonorable person.

When you are dealing with Portland Lottery Ticket Buyer, you are dealing with a legitimate, licensed business, in a professional office building in downtown Portland, and directly with the owner, Oscar Morante, who will pay you cash. Learn more.

The Business of Buying Winning Lottery Tickets for Cash

I am an entrepreneur. As such I love developing new business ideas and using my capital to the maximum. I am also the owner of Portland Gold Buyers, LLC. Dealing with precious metals taught me the time value of money, the power of immediate funding, and the especially potency of dealing face to face with someone you can trust.

As a businessman, I always want to grow my capital. Thus, I am constantly searching for ways to add value to other so that they provide me capital growth opportunity. A lot of this has to do with the time value of money.

I started Portland Lottery Ticket Buyer almost out of chance. I never thought I would ever be doing this, or that people actually needed such service. One day I was at my office, minding my own gold buying business, and someone called. This person wanted to get cashed out of his Oregon Lottery winning ticket. I did not know what to do or say. So I declined the opportunity. A few weeks later I dawned on me that there was another business opportunity for me. Thus, I started Portland Lottery Ticket Buyer. The rest is history.