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Did You Get a Lottery Prize?

I Want to Buy Your Winning Lottery Ticket Today. Call me. This is how it works.

This is Oscar, the owner of Lottery Ticket Buyer

I am glad you won a lottery prize. Getting a winning lotto ticket is the hard part. Very few people ever get anything. I myself never get anything in any type of chance game. Now that you are a winner, you have two options.

Option 1: Sell Your Lottery Ticket for Cash

If you want to get cash, right away, for your winning lottery ticket, call me. I will make you a cashout proposition. You will see that I offer a very fair deal.

Option 2: Redeem Yourself the Lottery Ticket

However, if you are not in a hurry, can easily wait a few weeks, and don’t mind getting paid with a check, or a gift card, you will be better off redeeming the lottery prize directly from the lottery organization by yourself.

Reasons for Selling Your Lottery Ticket for Cash

There are plenty of reasons and benefits for selling your lottery ticket for cash. Here are are few.

1- Immediate Payment: You get cash now.

2- No Banking: You have money right away. No need to wait for the check to clear for the money to be available.

3- No Reporting: Nobody will know you got the cash.

4- No tax paperwork: If you don’t do your tax paperwork correctly, you may end up overpaying taxes. Keep the paperwork! and talk to your accountant.

5- No Sharing: For example, if you are getting divorced, and get paid with a lottery winnings check, you will have to split the earnings. Cash solves this.

6- No Effects on Other Earnings: Some people have income arrangements such that if they get over a certain amount extra, their earnings get reduced. Certain retirement plans and alimony arrangements are like this. A lottery winnings check would affect them because they will get less from their regular income. Cash solves this.

7- No Child Support Situations: If you are paying child support, a lottery winnings check will have to be reported. Thus, your spouse will get a large cut out of your earnings. Cash solves this.

8- No Collections Situation: If you are in collections, there is a risk that your lottery winnings my end up lost as part of the collections effort. Cash solves this.

9- No Bankruptcy Situations: If you are in the legal process of bankruptcy, a lottery winnings check will for sure be part of the process. Cash solves this. More info.